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Become a Recognising Organisation. Start accepting IELTS.

Join over 12,000 other organisations that use IELTS for entry, admission or registration purposes.

Step 1: Register your organisation

Show millions of test takers the IELTS scores you require for entry, admission, or registration at your organisation. Register your details and your organisation featured on Who accepts IELTS?, a page visited by millions of potential applicants worldwide.

Accepting IELTS results will give you access to the IELTS Results Service. It is secure, simple to use, and free of charge. You also receive invitations to exclusive training events.

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Step 2: Show the IELTS scores you accept

Once your organisation has been approved as an IELTS recognising organisation, it’s important to make test takers aware of your status.

Publish the IELTS scores you require on your website

This helps prospective applicants in their decision-making. This will also help streamline your application process by reducing the need to respond to detailed enquiries. Learn more about setting entry requirements in our Guide for Organisations.

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