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As your test day approaches, it’s important to know what to expect before, during, and after you take your IELTS test.

Make sure you arrive early and have all the necessary documents with you as the check-in process may vary between test venues.

Get yourself ready for your test day


  • list?.image?.titleMake sure you bring your current passport (only original and current passports are accepted)
  • list?.image?.titleMake sure you arrive a minimum of 30 minutes prior to test time to complete the registration process
  • list?.image?.titleMake sure you contact your test centre 5 days prior to test date if you are unable to attend your test due to medical conditions
  • list?.image?.titleMake sure you leave your mobile phone and other electronic devices with our staff or in a locker before your test


  • list?.image?.titleNo mobile phones, smart watches, or any other electronic devices are allowed in the room during the test
  • list?.image?.titleNo food, bags, or any other belongings are allowed in the test room during your test -- please leave them in the locker
  • list?.image?.titleNo other family members or children are allowed in the test room during the test - only the test taker and staff can enter
  • list?.image?.titleNo refunds of test fee will be given if you are away on test day without prior notice -- contact staff prior to test day

What to expect on test day?