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Taking IELTS when you have learning difficulties

If you have specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, we may be able to help you take your IELTS test.

Sometimes, it may take six weeks for some special arrangements to be made for you, so you should make your test booking as soon as possible through your IELTS test centre.

All requests for special requirements are subject to approval.

What will the IELTS test centre do?

Your test centre will:

  • ask for full details of your learning difficulty

  • confirm the deadline for booking a test (this may be three months before your test, depending on the arrangements you need; usually up to six weeks advance notice is required)

  • make the arrangements you need to take the test.

If your test centre does not have the equipment or space you need (e.g. a separate room), they will try to help you find another test centre that does. Your centre may also ask you to provide a medical certificate.

What medical evidence must I have?

You must give the test centre a report about your learning difficulty. This needs to:

  • have been written when you were aged 12 or older

  • include full details of your learning difficulty and tests which have been carried out

  • be written by a fully qualified psychologist (educational, clinical or chartered).

If you do not have (or cannot get) a report like this, talk to your IELTS test centre.

What special arrangements can I ask for?

We can help you take your test in many different ways. Choose what you need, and you can then ask your centre to make the arrangements for you.   Once you have received permission for any special arrangements, your answers will be marked like all other test takers. For example, you may lose marks if you make a spelling or grammar mistake.

Learning difficulties