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Last time, we spoke with English teacher Jay. This week, we’re taking with David. He began teaching ESL in Barcelona in 1992. Then, David went on to complete a Diploma of Education and high school teaching. After this, he completed a Masters in TESOL. David has been in many classrooms with many students over this time. Now, he teaches high stakes test preparation online. He also manages the online teachers at E2Language, and enjoys how a massive mission comes together! 

David’s experience with computer-delivered IELTS

How did you find the overall journey, from walking into the door at the test centre until the end of your test? 

It was straightforward to find the test centre. And I noticed as I walked in how modern, bright and upbeat everything looked. I felt comfortable the whole time with the security, lockers, instructions, facilities and staff. My only nervousness was the normal pre-test worry. 

How was your experience with computer-delivered IELTS (compared to a paper-based IELTS test, or another test)? 

I found the computer test straightforward, and in fact, I prefer this form of delivery. It is similar to the PTE-A computer delivery. 

How was your speaking test and/or Speaking examiner? 

He was a nice man, who asked an interesting selection of questions! 

"It is essential to prepare. I would recommend spending time practicing writing responses, especially focusing on essay, paragraph and sentence structure". - David, teacher at E2Language 

Ok, so what’s it like doing IELTS as a teacher?

Even as English language teachers, sitting a test might still be stressful. How were your stress levels? 

I  teach IELTS Listening and Speaking tasks, so I was not sure how well I would go in the Writing. The “unknown” element created stress for me, which may be something all students feel. 

Did you learn something during the test today that you can use for your students (any tips or tricks)? 

Yes. Stay calm. Plan your essay. Identify key words in the Reading prompts, and locate them in the text. It is not as scary as you imagine when taking the test for the first time. Relax and remember to breathe. 

At IELTS, we advise everyone to prepare for their test, even if they are native speakers. Did you prepare? If so, how? 

It is essential to prepare. I would recommend spending time practising writing responses, especially focusing on essay, paragraph and sentence structure. 

David’s tip

English teacher David gave some good tips. First, it’s essential to prepare. For example, by practising writing responses. Also, he said it’s good to stay calm. This is good advice when you take your next IELTS test.

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