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Moving to Australia

Australia has always been my dream country, it offers a relaxed, beach lifestyle, and it’s very safe, which is a priority for my future family and me. Not having to learn a new language was a bonus as well.

I started thinking about Australia after I graduated from my university in Brazil. I researched various immigration paths but decided not to pursue them as new career opportunities presented themselves in my city, and I put it on pause.

As I gained industry-related experience, I realised that I was more prepared to explore other countries. I researched Australian colleges and looked for a place that was well-recognised and would offer work placement upon graduation.

ICMS - International College of Management, Sydney happened to be just such a college, and I enrolled in a Master of Management course with them. ICMS even provided me with a one-year scholarship before I set my foot in the country.

To get my 500 visa, I had to provide evidence of English language, so I went for IELTS because it's globally recognised and there are plenty of preparation materials. It took me one month to prepare for it. Taking mock tests really helped me gain confidence and boost my IELTS score.

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Finding the first job in Australia

As I arrived, I was surprised that it turned out to be very hard to land a job in my profession. I realised that the local experience and references were essential, and I was lacking these.

While studying, I supported myself financially by working in retail, but my life took a turn with the internship opportunity I received through college. ICMS has a dedicated office for Work Integrated Learning (WIL), and this office includes experienced WIL (Placement) Facilitators.

One of the facilitators helped me land an internship with Ferrero Rocher in a role supporting the National Account Manager. As soon as my internship ended, Ferrero offered me a permanent contract position with them.

I have switched jobs since then; however, I'm incredibly grateful for this valuable experience. It helped jump-start my career in Australia.

It would be fair to mention that everything I have today is because of ICMS and the internship they helped me secure.

Today, I’m very excited about our future in Australia. I intend to apply for a 190 Skilled nominated visa once our current 485 visa comes to an end. Even though we have been here for three years only, we grew to love this country, and I can confidently say that this is our new home.

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Tiago’s advice for people looking to move to Australia

Firstly, start working on your English as soon as you decide to come to Australia. I firmly believe that your level of English will define your career and even your migration opportunities. A better command of English will help you progress in your study and work, clearly express your ideas so that you can make new friends and improve your soft skills.

Additionally, make sure to gain some industry experience either before you arrive in Australia or as soon as you move here. Search for any industry-related work opportunities, be it paid or unpaid - you need to get that professional exposure and make connections.

Once you are ready to apply for jobs, reach out to the hiring managers, don’t be shy to contact them and even give them a call. This will help you get the foot in the door.

Lastly, be mindful of the role names and description differences between the standards in your country and Australia. For instance, it took me some time to understand what Associates and Executives do and how they differ from Assistants. You will need this knowledge to apply for a suitable role.

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