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IELTS Speaking Coaching: An official IELTS mock test for Speaking

The smartest way to improve your speaking skills is through practice and coaching. IELTS Speaking Coaching is an official IELTS mock Speaking test from IDP Education for test takers who need to boost their Speaking score. So, what do you get when you buy IELTS Speaking Coaching?

You will complete a mock Speaking test and receive a detailed report within 3-5 days with tips to improve your spoken English.
We are currently offering IELTS Speaking Coaching sessions on Tuesdays and Sundays.

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Is IELTS Speaking Coaching suitable for you?

IELTS Speaking Coaching is recommended for test takers who have a higher level of English and need to boost their Speaking score by half a band. It is a 45-minute IELTS mock Speaking test, but it is not intended to replace English lessons or practice.

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Choosing IELTS for your English test. IELTS features our human based speaking component, which is just like real life.

How does IELTS Speaking Coaching work?

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