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Permanent residency skills lists

South Australia’s 2022-23 General Skilled Migration (GSM) program is now open. A revised skilled occupation list has also been published. This list outlines the skills and occupations the state is seeking to fill through the program. The GSM program is open to migrants currently living and working in South Australia as well as those located overseas.

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What is the South Australian General Skilled Migration (GSM) program?

South Australia’s GSM program provides pathways for skilled migrants to live and work in South Australia. The 2022-23 program has one of Australia’s most comprehensive skilled occupation lists, allowing migrants from more than 500 occupations to apply for state nomination.

The key focus of the program is to retain skilled migrants already living and working in South Australia, as well as nominating migrants located overseas in order to fill critical skills shortages.

Which visa options are available?

There are two visa options available for skilled migrants in South Australia’s GSM program:

Subclass 190: Skilled Nomination (Permanent) visa - A state nominated permanent visa. This visa allows skilled migrants to live and work in South Australia permanently.

Subclass 491: Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa - A state nominated provisional visa. This visa allows skilled migrants to live and work in South Australia for up to five years. This visa can also provide a pathway to permanent residency.

How many positions are available in the program?

There are 5,880 nominations available in the 2022-23 South Australian GSM program. These nominations are available across approximately 500 occupations, up from 380 occupations in the previous year's program.

Which skills are in demand?

The skills and occupation list for the 2022-23 South Australian GSM program is one of the largest in the country. Nominations will be prioritised for migrants who have skills or experience in the following sectors and industries:

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What is state nomination?

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State nomination means that the state you’re applying to work and live in has nominated youW as a preferred migrant. Receiving a state nomination for the South Australian GSM program means that South Australia has confirmed that you have in-demand skills which are needed to address the state’s skills shortages.

It’s important to note that state nomination does not guarantee you will be granted a visa. The Department of Home Affairs will first need to assess your application and ensure that all requirements are met for the specific visa you are applying for.

What are the state nomination streams?

There are several pathways or ‘streams’ for state nomination. Before applying for state nomination you must carefully check the requirements to ensure you are eligible.

South Australian graduates

International graduates who have studied in South Australia may be eligible for state nomination. In addition, high-performing graduates may benefit from concessions and waivers under this stream.

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Working in South Australia

Skilled migrants who are already living and working in South Australia may be able to use the working in South Australia nomination stream. Applicants must already be working in an in-demand occupation to take advantage of this stream. Temporary visa holders, self-employed workers and sub-contractors may be eligible for this stream.

Outer Regional South Australia

Under the Outer Regional South Australia stream, skilled migrants contributing to regional South Australian businesses or communities may be able to achieve a state nomination. Working holiday makers may also be able to use this stream for nomination.

Long-term residents

Migrants who are not eligible for other nomination streams but are currently a long-term resident of South Australia may be able to use this nomination stream. Long-term residents must be currently working in an in-demand occupation to apply.

Highly skilled and talented

Under the highly skilled and talented stream, candidates who can demonstrate considerable talent in one of the in-demand skills or occupations can apply for state nomination. This stream is open to migrants living in South Australia, other Australian states and territories as well as migrants located overseas.


Skilled migrants currently living outside Australia may be eligible for state nomination using the offshore stream. To receive a state nomination, offshore migrant applicants must submit an expression of interest in state nomination via the Commonwealth Government’s SkillSelect system.

What is the IELTS requirement for state nomination?

What is the IELTS requirement for state nomination?

To be granted a subclass 491 or 190 visa, you must satisfy the English language requirement which is an IELTS band 6 for each of the 4 components at a minimum. If your skilled occupation requires a licence or registration to practise in Australia, you may be required to demonstrate a higher level of English language competency.

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How do I apply for state nomination?

The first step in applying for state nomination is to identify which of the nomination streams you are eligible for. Gather all supporting documentation that may apply, ensure that your occupation is on the South Australian skilled occupation list, then submit your application online through the Skilled & Business Migration portal.

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Immigration and the law

Legislation about immigration changes frequently. It’s important to check the Australian Department of Home Affairs website for changes that may apply to you. If you are interested in Australian student visas, work visas, or looking to migrate permanently, you need to lodge an application with the Australian Government. You may want to consider getting support from a lawyer or migration agent.

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